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The Beckett Project logo began with a simple yellow Zip Tie winding through the B, binding us all together.  It was an ode to Becketts love of robotics. 

We are now ready for a change.

Bubbas Ducks are the Mascot of the Beckett Project. The Duck reflects his kindness and wacky sense of humour. 

The 2021 Beckett Project logo features Becketts Duck showing us the way forward. Because Empathy Creates Kindness & Education Teaches Tolerance. 

Another CTV London feature on The Beckett Project Feb 9, 2021 shows our campaign to spread love on Valentines Day durng a Pandemic. Thanks to @JordynreadCTV

and everyone at CTV London for spreading the kindness 

CFPL London had a feature on The Beckett Project Nov 13, 2019 as part of the iPledge campaign. Thanks to @NPaparellaCTV

and everyone at CTV London for spreading the word about empathy kindness and tolerance and help @NatlServiceDogs

and other worthy causes

Dec 14, 2021 - The Beckett Project was at Palasad Socialbowl tonight with business cares / Tampon Tuesday event. The Beckett Project  was able to donate $100 to the London food bank due to the kindness of folks who purchased the Brewery package tonight. We also saw the talented Sarina Haggarty perform she was fantastic.

2020 Fundraising event - locked up for Love , a Socially Distanced "Pledge-a-Thon"  NOV 27th - Hats off to Ann who was our "prisoner" in the Dog House

Warming up with Puppy "Scotia" during the event.  We helped spread the word about the growing "Giving Tuesday" movement

Meeting NSD puppy in training "Beckett" 

On Saturday Oct 31 2020 National Service Dogs held a drive thru Halloween event in London.  "Beckett" the NSD puppy in training made the trip down to participate and meet Ann, Paul and Ridley.  He was such a ham for the camera.  

National Service Dogs latest trainee - Beckett - He began his puppy training in November 2019.

He is Soooo Cute